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<<<<The idea of the Roll Over Bali-Team is to have the individual in mind!>>>>

Some Information On Bali.

Roll Over Bali are individual wheelchair-suitable holidays in Bali-in conjunction with a personal representative. We will personally design your own  holiday so you will have your independence. You will not be traveling in a group or staying in groups as the whole concept of Roll Over Bali is individuality!

Our fully qualified and experienced staff is under the supervision of Claudia Kurz. Claudia previously worked for  10 years as a physiotherapist in a rehabilitation  center for spinal chord injuries in German.  (Click here to find out more about your guides).

First a little bit about this exotic island. The wonders of Bali. This small island off mainland Java in Indonesia has rice-terraces and palm-groves, volcanoes and crater-lakes, coral-reefs and rainforest, black beaches and white beaches, silent temples and colorful ceremonies, simple life in the village and nightlife in Kuta, tourist dances and medicine man, hamburgers and white rice with dried fish.

It also has a big cultural variety like dance- and theatre-performances, different ceremonies, architecture, paintings and handicrafts, which in pre-colonial times were made for religious use only. 

Bali is called the Island of the Gods because it has over 20 000 temples and shrines for use daily by the very religious Balinese people. Hinduism is the standard FOR LIFE AND PART OF THE Balinese personality. The balance between good and evil is basic to their social structure. That's the reason why they are never fanatic or aggressive ,but tolerant, friendly and gentle. Restraint, helpfulness and politeness are tradition and cared-for. 

Because of that, Bali had and still has a very special position in Indonesia, which doesn't change in times of unrest and riots. So this unaffected Paradise on Earth is quiet and safe! 

So how to explore this unique place better, closer and more personal than with a local as a driver, beside your personal representative? Roll Over Bali knows your needs and will strive to fulfill your desires.   

Let's start designing your own personal holiday in Bali!

Please don't hesitate to email us on any inquire big or small inquires@rolloverbali.com

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